Friday, October 19, 2012

R - Revere

The fourth letter in the JOURNEY is R. For our purposes this represents worship. It is not that worship is less important, but rather it just fits here. However, it is interesting that R is the middle letter. Again, the J is for Jesus, and the Y is for You. Everything we do centers on our response to Jesus. We cannot be united ("U - Unity (Part 1)") and ("U - Unity (Part 2)") in Christ if we don't acknowledge Jesus. There is no reason to call ourselves His disciples ("O - Observe") if we don't acknowledge Him. We will certainly not evangelize (E) for Him, if we don't believe in Him. And while we may do various good, and charitable, deeds, they will not be done in His name (N).

Thus, we might say the fulcrum is worship. While Jesus is, and should be the object, worship is a mid-point in this process. We do not realize we are on this JOURNEY, if we do not acknowledge Him, and we cannot fulfill any of the five functions if we do not worship Him. It does not mean that we are not on a JOURNEY, it just means we are stuck on the Y. We are all on a different part of this JOURNEY.

In addition, everyone of us worship. It may not be God as Father, Son and Spirit. Indeed, it may not be "in the Spirit". But we all worship something. We all also worship differently. Some are more reserved while others are very expressive. God is certainly very creative, and He has uniquely crafted each of us. As such, we each relate to Him differently. As long as we are open and honest with ourselves and with God, then we are in worship. Because worship isn't just something that we do, it should truly be an expression of who we are (in Him).

Jesus said in John 12.32 that if He is lifted up from the earth, He will draw all people to Himself. Of course, in the context of the passage, Jesus is speaking of His imminent death. But it is interesting this verse is found directly after Jesus' entry into Jerusalem on what we call Palm Sunday. In addition, the preceding text indicates several Greeks were looking for Him as well. Jesus response to one of His disciples was that His time to be glorified had come (John 12.23). Thus, the physical act of lifting Him up from the earth on a cross, can be understood in a figurative sense as well - we should lift Him up in worship.

Our worship is for His glory alone, and ultimately, as we worship Him, others will be drawn to Him. What a glorious thought indeed. My prayer is that you will find time to worship Him today.

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