Friday, July 25, 2014

Called Judge? (4 of 4)

Parts 1, 2, and 3, have discussed our need to be right with God before judging others. When we seek God first, He as our Father, wants to give us good gifts because we are seeking Him - and not just what He can give us.

But in this last post for this topic, I will provide four questions that will help us determine if we are ready to help others remove their speck. I truly believe that if we will ask these four questions, we will find the speck of others is not nearly as concerning as we originally thought it to be. Or if it remains, we will see more clearly how to help remove it because we will always see more clearly through the eyes of grace.

The questions below should be asked in this order. The questions I am learning to ask myself are:

1.  Have I come before God to make sure my vision is clear?  
Have I checked with God to make sure there is not a log sticking out of my own eye (which will impede my vision in helping others)? Psalm 51 is a great place to start.

2. In confronting this person, am I seeking His Kingdom and His righteousness or my own?
What are my motives for judging? Is this about my preferences, or God's glory?

3. Do I believe this person to be a Christian?

  • If so, ask God how to best approach the situation. The Holy Spirit can prepare the heart of the person needing to be confronted. Also, the tone of the confrontation is critical. Rather than direct criticism, showing a willingness to help, or speaking about overcoming an issue yourself is almost always better.
  • If not, ask God for His grace to be evident in you so you are not seen as judgmental. This is an opportunity to share the message of Jesus and His love to all sinners. God often uses our past experiences to help others. If you can relate to the situation, discuss what God has done in your life to help you overcome the situation.
4. What does the Word of God say?
2 Timothy 3.16 reveals that the Bible has the answers we need to help others. But we need to search for God's truth on the situation. Hebrews 10.24-25 says we must spur one another on. A believer will listen to the counsel of God before He does the opinion of man. Let God's Word and Spirit be the spur in the side.

After asking these four questions, you will be prepared to engage the person. How do I know? Well, in the midst of these verses (Matthew 7.1-11), we are told to ask, seek, and knock. And Jesus said that what we ask for in His name will be given (John 14.13-14). These questions reflect the very nature of Jesus, and seek to bring God glory. These questions are not about us...they are fully about God. The questions put the full focus on God and truly seek first His Kingdom and His righteousness. And He will answer because you have:
  • asked God for His forgiveness, His righteousness, and His truth to be revealed.
  • sought Him, His Kingdom, and His truth.
  • prepared yourself for the opportunity God has for you by knocking.
Ask, seek, and knock as a child of God, knowing that your heavenly Father loves you. But when the door is opened, be ready to enter to whatever opportunities He has for you.

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