Thursday, May 26, 2016


At some point today you have made preparations. Maybe you are reading this blog as you are waiting for something to occur. The preparations have been made, but you are waiting for whatever it is to be realized. I can relate - especially this week.

This week our church is hosting Vacation Bible School. Living in a small community, the four churches in town combine together causing a synergistic effect to reach the children in the community. As with any major church event, a great deal of planning and coordination must occur. That is especially true when bringing multiple churches together. But the unity during this week has been astounding, and despite the constant threat of (and some actual) rain, virtually everything has happened without any glitches. God has provided everything we have needed, and I thank Him for His provisions this week.

The theme this year is based upon exploring a cave (CaveQuest from Group). Given the dark nature of caves, the emphasis (especially the songs) has been on Jesus being the light of the world. It was the dark nature of the world over 2000 years ago that brought Jesus into the world then. The Jews were crying out to God for the Messiah to be sent. So, God sent the Messiah - Jesus, but not before sending another to first prepare the way. That was the task of John the baptizer, to prepare the way for Jesus. Specifically, he preached a message of repentance (to turn from the old life) so that they people would be ready to respond in faith (to turn to God). (See Mark 1.1-8.)

John's coming was a part of God's plan (preparation) to prepare for people to find the light of the world. While our task this week is far different (and less difficult in many ways) than was John's, we also prepared in the prior weeks to share with people (the children) about the light of the world that can provide the hope, the courage, and the direction we need in our lives. And it is His love and power that make it all possible.

May we each be prepared to give a defense of the reason for the hope that we have within us (1 Peter 3.15). For all who have the hope of Jesus within you, may be not hide the light, but rather shine it brightly so that others may turn to the light and escape the darkness around them as well.

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