Friday, August 12, 2016

A Royal Celebration

The theme for the fair this year, A Royal Celebration, is the consequence of the Royals winning the World Series last year. It was indeed a time to celebrate for all Royals fans. It was especially sweet for those of us who suffered throughout most of the previous decade (or decades) especially like the time when two outfielders running in toward the dugout because the third out would be made on the fly ball, only to realize that the fly ball was dropping behind them because neither of them stayed to catch it! (Yes, it happened in the Major Leagues!)

But I am reminded of the celebration in 1985, at the end of a magnificent stretch where the Royals made the postseason in 7 of 10 years (if you include the 1981 team). Of course two years ago, we experienced a fantastic run in the postseason, and fully achieved the goal as champions in 2015. It was a long time in between championships, and fans wondered if the team would ever be at the top again. Over the years, many gave up hope and no longer were fans. Others remained faithful despite the wait. And now that the team is struggling in 2016 (compared to the last 3 years anyway), people are getting frustrated and the decades long tradition of “Wait until training camp” chants are being heard once again (regarding the Chiefs start and the Royals lack of relevance in August and September).

But like the Royals wait to return to the top, it has been a long time since Messiah walked on the earth. Some people have lost hope. Others have lost purpose. And many have become skeptical of the story that was told then, and doubt the possibility of a return in the future. The truth is that people will be people. The pride we have in our teams make us frustrated when they do not do well, but teams are made up of people who are imperfect. They are also playing a game (!) against people who are paid a lot of money to attempt to beat our Royals.

However, we cannot project the same upon God. Just as very few armchair athletes could hit a 98 mph fast ball, we cannot understand what it means to be God. And God does not fail us, only our expectations of what He should do. But God does not answer to us, we answer to Him. We are the creation, and He has designed us for His purpose, not the other way around. Yes, it has been a long time since Jesus walked the earth, but that does not mean that He will not return in all of His glory at the proper time. In fact, we are promised that is will happen – when God’s timing is right.

So, while we celebrate the Fairfax Fair this weekend, let us remember that one year’s celebration often turns sour by the next year, but the Lord’s faithfulness to us never wavers, and thus we should seek to be faithful to Him as well.

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