Thursday, June 22, 2017

Using the 4Ls, Part 21 – How the Ls Help Fulfill My Mission

This week I come to the fourth and final sentence of my Mission Statement. As I mentioned last week, each of the four sentences corresponds to one of the Ls, although this fact was unexpected because I developed the 4L Model over a decade after crafting my Mission. The fourth part of my Mission is the longest and encompasses two of my spiritual gifts (with teaching being primary) and my New Testament life verse. The statement is as follows:

I will externalize my faith by reaching out to others, teaching them God’s truths, and encouraging others to grow in their own relationship with Christ, so they may disciple others as well (Col. 1.28-29).

If you have followed this entire series (this is post 21 as the title indicates, see below for titles and address), you have read several times that the Love component is the most difficult for me. Lead, which is what this sentence represents, is more natural but no less difficult because we can choose to lead, but without followers, are we really leading? For me, leading begins with teaching which is a part of what Jesus said we must do to make disciples. But Jesus’ statement was more than just teaching, it was to “teach others to observe” which, in essence, is a form of leadership.

Of course, many leaders force others to observe, but my ideal is to encourage others to do so. This is done by showing others what needs to be done, encouraging them to do it, and yes, holding them accountable as well. But holding others accountable can be done with complete negativity (which often makes people wilt) or with a mindset to help others grow. I choose the latter.

As for my life verse, I wish I could say that I have the same zeal as Paul. I don’t, but this verse provides a goal for me to help others grow as God intended. I do realize that it is God’s strength and work within me that provides me the opportunity to teach and lead others. But I am still learning to allow God’s power to have full control.

Intersecting Steps and Mission

LEARN – I just mentioned that I am still learning to let God fully lead me. However, in the course of the statement for this week, I must continue to Learn if I am going to effectively Lead others. Learning will require new information, but it also requires new methodologies, new people, new cultures, etc. Ultimately, my learning is not for my own purposes, but so that others may know Jesus and then help others to know Him as well.

LIVE – As I mentioned above, teaching to observe is more than just the passing of information. It is living what is being taught. Externalizing my faith represents this aspect –as actions are the evidence of faith (James 1.22). Obviously, teaching is being active and encouraging should be as well. So, this aspect of leading others requires me to live out my faith.

LOVE – Many leaders do so for a sense of power and control. A Christian leader should never have this attitude, but as humans, we can slip into this mindset if we are not diligent. Colossians 1.28 serves as the what, but verse 29 is a reminder of the how – by the power of God. And, as always, the why for a Christian should always be characterized by love in fulfilling the Great Commandment – to love God and love others.

LEAD – The full intent of the fourth sentence in my Mission Statement is to Lead others to grow in Christ so they can then go for Christ. We are all called to make disciples – not of ourselves, but for Christ. If I Lead properly, Christ will be glorified.


This conclusion not only serves as the end of this post, but concludes a more detailed look at my Mission Statement as well. Over these past four weeks, I have briefly shared how the Ls feed into my Mission and now I will take one last look at my Mission with relation to Strategy and Steps as we then move back up to the final piece – my Vision. The series still has a few weeks to go, but hopefully, my efforts to explain my use of the Ls can help you clarify how you might use them as well. More importantly, I hope this exercise has encouraged you to develop your own set of goals and statements to guide you through your life, and particularly, as you serve the Lord.

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