Thursday, August 10, 2017

Next...(Part 3)

Over the last two weeks I have revealed what I will now be professionally pursuing in addition to pastoring and teaching as an adjunct. Week 1 was painted in broad strokes (here) while I got more specific last week providing the name of our new organization and a brief overview of why the organization now exists (here). Both posts come immediately following an extended look at my process for evaluating what I pursue, how I pursue, and why it matters. The purpose of this brief series of posts (ending with this one), is to show how PTC fits into the overall process. I completed part of that discussion last week moving from the bottom (Steps) up (to Strategy), and will complete that look this week by putting PTC in context of my Mission and Vision.


Several weeks ago, I reviewed each of the four aspects of my Mission statement. In review, my mission is to:
  • Love Jesus and submit to Him in order to serve others – beginning with my family.
  • Grow in my knowledge and understanding of God and His will for me.
  • Trust His provision.
  • Externalize my faith, in part by, teaching others and encourage others in their relationship to Christ so that they will then disciple others.

PTC fits these extremely well. First, the goal of PTC is to train pastors and church leaders who are in areas which may prevent them from having opportunities to receive training in traditional ways. Thus, we must go beyond the normal means of providing training, which requires us to not only provide information, but to make the presentation possible. This will require grand efforts in many cases and a good deal of money and coordination among many people who will be necessary to accomplish this task.

Second, making disciples is undoubtedly a part of God’s will for all who follow Jesus. The question is how to do it. Without a doubt, I believe God has positioned certain people and instances in my life over these past couple of years to lead me to the development of PTC. I must continue to seek what God would have me do, but for now, I know that includes the context of PTC.

Third, this organization will be non-profit (paperwork is currently being reviewed). To not only provide the coordination for training, but also the physical equipment needed in these remote places, will require a great amount of financial resources, time, and energy. As for the time and energy, I must cling to Colossians 1.28-29 personally. As for the financial, I must allow God to move the hearts who steward the “cattle on a thousand hills” (Psalm 50.10) to provide the necessary resources PTC needs to make this opportunity a reality.

Finally, the aim of PTC is to train others who will then train others. That is the essence of the Great Commission, and that is the ultimate purpose of PTC.

So, the focus of PTC is well-established within my personal Mission Statement. And, as I have previously stated, fulfillment of my Mission moves me closer to my Vision of becoming the man God has called me to be.


I do not pretend to be anywhere close to whom God would have me to be. But I know that I move closer when I am obedient, and as I mentioned above, I have no doubt that my engagement in PTC is a step of obedience. It is also a step of faith. The combination of obedience of faith are also an expression of love towards God. Thus, I fully believe that being a part of organizing and leading PTC will be one of the most rewarding endeavors I will experience. It will likely also be one of the most challenging which is why I believe the timing is right. I have learned a great deal about myself in completing my doctoral work. I have learned a great deal about others in the process as well. Additionally, I now know better what it means to lead a church, teach others who lead churches of all sizes, and am learning how that fits into the global context.

By looking back over the past couple of decades I can see how God has been preparing me for this venture. My learning has been expedited over the past few years and the context of that learning is more apparent to me now as well. While I still have far to go to become the man God desires, I certainly see His guidance in preparing me for the present, and I know He will be with me going forward as well.


So that is a brief look at how PTC fits within my overall approach to life. It is exciting to do something you love and be invigorated by a calling to change course a bit even as I approach fifty years of age. I watch so many people who seem to go through the motions. My personal prayer is that I do not come to that point and that is why I have developed a comprehensive process to help guide me and make sure I stay true to where I believe God is leading me.

While I do hope you will continue to engage with this blog each week in the years to come, I also hope you will find yourself checking in on the work of PTC on the company blog which will begin the week of Labor Day. The blog will be hosted on our website at Until then, keep reading here where next week, I will reflect on the big God I serve.

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