Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Revival - Part 2

In Revival - Part 1, it was noted that this past weekend's revival was for the church, not the lost. Many people did comment that the Spirit of the Lord was present. But now we find out if revival has begun.

At first glance, that may sound wrong. The "revival" was last weekend. Technically, the revival services were last weekend, but whether or not revival happens is up to each person. And in a very real sense, revival began the Sunday before as God showed up in a way which was quite unexpected, and completely altered the service.

So a revival started, but will it last? Again, that is up to each individual. No Other Name wrote a song a couple of years ago entitled, "Let It Start With Me". That is what we must do. I cannot worry if others sensed God moving in their lives (again, the comments suggest He did). Rather I need to focus on how God moved in my life. As a pastor, of course, I am interested in how God moved in the lives of others in the congregation, but it does start with me. And what I know without a doubt is that I was convicted. I was challenged. I was exhorted. And now I must choose to respond. If I don't respond, then the revival really had no effect on me at all.

It is as James said, we are to be hearers, and not just doers of the Word. Being moved by a message is good. But obedience is better. And our obedience is a testimony of our love for Jesus (John 14.15). More on this on Friday in Part 3 (and final post) of this short series on the revival.

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