Friday, March 21, 2014

Revival - Part 3

On Wednesday (Revival - Part 2), I began to question the lasting impact of last weekends revival. Personally, it is going strong. I sincerely asked that God would "Let it Start With Me" many times in the weeks leading to revival and He certainly got my attention during it, and He has continued to show Himself to me in some amazing ways throughout the week.

Yet, is this happening back home. I am removed from normalcy this week as I am teaching a college class about discipleship to a group of undergraduate students. They are challenging me in my faith as I challenge them to grow in theirs. But the reality is, being in this environment has helped keep the revival fires burning in me all week.

Is that true for those back in Fairfax? Many people were "touched" by the messages and/or the music last weekend. Many people were "moved" to do something because of what they had seen or heard. But the problem with Christianity today is that people are often "moved" but never actually move. They hear something good. They even have a good idea. But they don't act. James 1.22 says we are to "be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves." True faith, true belief leads to action. In other words, we are to be "More Than Moved", which just happens to be another song sung by No Other Name.

We need to be more than moved. We need to determine what needs to be done and then choose not to simply wait for others, but to begin to do it because we are willing to "Let it Start With Me". To me, these two songs have a lot of overlap in the intent of their message. While the style of music and the lyrics may be different, the general message is the same - "We must live out our faith."

So, how's your revival going? If it is not "going" (a term for movement), maybe it is time to say, "OK, God, I am ready to do more than simply listen to you, I am ready to be moved into action. God, let it start with me!"

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