Thursday, June 1, 2017

Using the 4Ls, Part 18 – How Ls Help Fulfill My Mission – Item 1

This week, I continue my look at my Mission statement by beginning with the first sentence.

I will love my Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ, submit to His authority in my life, and rely on His power to use my God-given abilities to serve others – beginning with my family (Philippians 2:3-4).

As I mentioned last week, each of the items related to my Mission correspond to one of the four “Ls” – purposefully. This item relates to Love. If you have been following this series, I hope you see how integrated these Ls are in my life. The reason that they are is that they are so apparent throughout the Bible (not to mention Matthew 4.19 and Matthew 28.19, see those posts for details). Jesus had disciples (the word means learner), lives so we might live, commanded us to love, and commissioned us to lead. So, it is hard for me to distance myself from these ideas – and thus from the 4Ls. So how do the Ls relate to the first portion of my Mission Statement?

Intersecting Steps and Mission

LEARN – First, I am a sinner. Thus, my instincts are not to love anyone but myself. Frankly, when I allow myself to do so, I am quite good at loving myself. Thus, I need to be constantly reminded of what Jesus has done for me. As I am reminded, I find it easier to love Him and to serve others. Reminders are necessary, but learning also requires me to know where He is leading me (for proper submission), what He wants to do through me (rely on His power), and how He wants me to do it (God-given abilities).

LIVE – Notice the verbs in my Mission. Of course, love is first, but how will I prove my love for Him? I will submit, rely, and serve. Admittedly, these verbs may be considered rather subjective, but they do not need to be considered passive. Regardless, by looking back, I can discern how well I have submitted, where I have relied on my strength instead of His, and whether or not I have served others (or if I was selfish – only appearing to serve others while doing so for myself). Evaluation is an important part of living. To truly live means we cannot live in the past, but we must reflect so we can learn from it. As Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards.”

LOVE – This Step is likely self-explanatory given that Love is in the statement. But Jesus said that we show we love Him by doing what He has commanded (John 14.15, 21). That is why the previous Step of Live is important here. By submitting, relying (trusting), and serving I am keeping three commands that Jesus gave which, in turn, allow me to keep the greatest commandment(s) mentioned in Mark 12.29-31. In truth, I submit to Him and rely on Him while serving Him. But I serve Him by serving others which fully encompasses His command to love.

LEAD – Many people serve others in incredible ways. Many organizations do the same. Ultimately, whether the people or organizations share Christian ideals or not, the diversity of help available is God’s grace being manifest through others. However, for those persons or organizations that are decidedly Christian, the service rendered is to be done in Jesus name for the glory of God (Matthew 5.16; Colossians 3.17). Thus, my loving Jesus for who He is and what He has done causes me to serve in His name that others might know Him as their Lord and Savior as well.


My Mission is filled with Scripture to guide me, verbs to help me focus, gifts that I must use, and goals to which I aspire. But whatever I do for God it must begin with an appreciation for what He has done for me. Thus, my Mission begins with an expression to LOVE Him. I am not perfect at this by any means, and so I go on learning, seeking His forgiveness, while allowing Him to mold me. It is through learning and molding (and re-molding) that I am able to move to the remaining items of my mission statement. But moving forward will always require me to look back – not only to evaluate myself, but to remember His sacrifice for me as well.

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