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Using the 4Ls, Part 19 – How the 4Ls Help Fulfill My Mission – Item 2

Last week, I began to break down my Mission Statement by reviewing the first sentence and the fact that it all starts with my love for Christ. (Again, all posts for the series can be found at the end of the the post.) This week, I will cover the second sentence of the statement, which I have labeled as Item 2. Notice that this item contains the first of my spiritual gifts as well (in bold).

I will seek to grow in my knowledge and understanding of God’s truths, and His will for my life.

While the first sentence (last week) focused on the idea of LOVE, this sentence reflects my desire to LEARN.  The word grow, as used here, is obviously meant from a mental, not physical perspective as evidence by the words knowledge, understanding, and truth. Then that knowledge should impact how I live (influencing the will).

Although teaching is my primary spiritual gift, knowledge is the first of the three gifts included in my mission statement.* By knowledge, I do not mean, or pretend, that I know it all. While I do have a doctorate, I know I am rarely, if ever, the smartest person in any room. I do not wish to present a false humility because I do realize God has given me a great capacity to know and understand His Word (and a couple of other areas). So what I know, I tend to know very well, but I am continually amazed at the overall vastness of information that can be known, and realize some individuals (including without formal education) know a great deal about a great many matters. That said, what separates many from continuing to grow in their knowledge is a lack of desire to learn more. Therefore, the sentence above begins with my desire to “seek to grow” – continuously. As I have written elsewhere, my number one mantra in life is “When you stop learning, you start dying.”

* I am fully aware of the various challenges with the various gift inventories that are used, but these inventories can help us to gain an understanding of what God may be doing in and through us. As we apply our gifts, others should confirm our giftedness accordingly.

So, how does this sentence in my Mission Statement relate to the 4Ls?

Intersecting Steps and Mission

LEARN – As I mentioned in the blog two weeks ago (Part 17, see list below), each sentence relates to one of the Steps. This week’s Step is LEARN (I discussed the reason for the changed order last week – Part 18). LOVE for Jesus is what compels me to serve, but unless I LEARN, how can I serve? I will not know who He is, what He wants, etc. In a practical sense, I will not even know what to do. Thus, the Step of LEARN is critical for me to apply His will to my life.

LIVE – The second sentence of my Mission is all about intake – knowing and understanding God's truth and will. But as image-bearers of God (Genesis 1.26-27), we are made to give, to serve, to love. Thus, what we intake is meant to prepare us to be better able to give and to serve and to love. If we simply continue to take in information without an outlet to dispense what we know, we become like a battery that is left charging for months and years – eventually we will corrode because the casing is too full. A rechargeable battery must be used then recharged regularly to be effective – and so must we.

LOVE – A few times in this series I have alluded to the fact I love to LEARN. As I better understand God and what He has done for me and as I better understand His will and what He wants from me, then I will (super) naturally follow His lead and love not only what I do, but who I serve while doing it.

LEAD – The idea of LEAD has already been implied in the three previous Steps. What I LEARN should not be just for my benefit, but rather should help me to help others. As I am better prepared to serve God, I must equip others to do the same. Ultimately, this Step is fulfilled through the spiritual gift of teaching, but I cannot teach what I do not know.


My Mission Statement began with the idea of my need to LOVE Jesus. However, in a very real sense, the basis for that love began with some aspect of knowledge. Until I knew of Jesus, I could not truly know Jesus. Until I knew Jesus I could not truly love Jesus. Thus, I had a need to LEARN about Jesus in order to grow to love Him, and I still do. The more I know of who He is and what He has done, the more I should love Him. Thus, I must seek to continue to grow in my knowledge of God and His Word. I must continue to seek to grow in my understanding of His truths. I must continue to seek to grow in understanding His will. He is an infinite God and I am a finite man and, therefore, I will barely scratch the surface of all that could be learned. But as I do, my prayer is that my living will reflect my learning and that I can help others to do the same.

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