Thursday, June 29, 2017

Using the 4Ls, Part 22 – A Parenthetical Post

Over the past four weeks, I have posted about how each of the 4Ls relate to each sentence within my Mission Statement. As I have outlined my overall approach, the Ls (representing Steps) are separated from the Mission by my Strategy. But each part of my Mission is aided by my Strategy which is accomplished by the Steps I take to achieve my Mission, and ultimately my Vision. And Vision is the final piece which needs to be covered as this series begins to come to a close.

When I began this series, I did so by focusing on two key verses which record the words of Jesus. As recorded in Matthew 4.19, Jesus commands others to “Follow Me” at the beginning of His public ministry and then at the end of His physical time on earth, Jesus commanded His disciples to make other disciples. Each of these commands are crucial in understanding the 4L Model of Discipleship.

Then, I introduced a hermeneutical (interpretative) principle involving a spiral approach to understanding a biblical, or really any other, passage. It is through this hermeneutical principle that I have led us on this journey to understand my use of the 4Ls as it relates to my overall paradigm for approaching life. I took us down the spiral by way of introducing my Vision, then Mission, the Strategy, the Steps in general. Then I unpacked each Step individually and have now worked back up the spiral by sharing how each of the 4Ls related to each part of my Strategy and Mission, respectively. But now we arrive back at my Vision, and thus, we reach the top of the spiral once again.

But my understanding of Vision is what is attained, not the process of attaining. That is, my objectives (what I hope to accomplish) are encompassed within my Mission, and thus the Strategy and Steps apply. However, if I accomplish my objectives, then I will realize my Vision. A Vision is what is seen as the result, not the process it takes to achieve the result. Thus, as we arrive back at the Vision, the 4Ls are no longer in focus. Again, their use ultimately helps me to achieve my Vision, but not directly. Their function is to effectuate my Strategy which is designed to fulfill my Mission.

I add this post as a parenthetical remark to the series because when I discuss my Vision over the next two weeks, the focus on the Steps will be conspicuously absent. Certainly, each Step will be present, but without the focus that the last several post have given each of the Steps. As I will convey, this is true for a couple of reasons, of which the primary reason is that while the Steps are designed to help me achieve, the way I have crafted my Vision is something which I can ultimately only receive. Granted, I must do my part, but to become the man God wants me to be, I need Him to accomplish in me what He wants to accomplish, which is far more than I could ever achieve on my own.

So, next week, I will begin a two-part look at my Vision and the role God plays according to Ephesians 5.1-2 which is my reference verses related to my Vision. Then, in three more weeks, I will conclude this series, and then, finally, the following week I will reveal the new initiative I promised (a couple of delays have necessitated my delay in posting about it).

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