Friday, October 12, 2012

O - Observe

The next letter in JOURNEY is the O. Again, we must understand the true destination is God's Kingdom, and therefore our perspective needs to be fotonni. With this in mind, the early church had several characteristics which we must consider today if we are to effectively live in, not of. One characteristic involved being a disciple. A disciple of Jesus. The process is known as discipleship, and that is what the O represents.

Jesus said that his current disciples are to teach others to Observe everything he had commanded in order that they become disciples as well (Matthew 28.19). It was his command then, and it is His goal for us today. But do we recognize His authority? That is why the JOURNEY cannot effectively begin without Jesus. If we are to live as a citizen of the Kingdom, we must abide by His laws for us. Yes, as someone who lives on earth, and in my case America, I must adhere to man's laws as well, but only if they do not contradict God's laws.

Paul said that He uses all God's energy in his work to make disciples. (Colossians 1.28-29). I am not that diligent, but it is a worthwhile goal. As we become disciples, and Observe the commands to "Love God" and "Love Others", we will truly begin to reflect His Kingdom. If we do not, the lens of our life is out of focus with God's design, and we need to reconsider the path of our journey.

After all, we must determine where our allegiance lies. For me, I am an American Christian, not a Christian American. My identity is in Christ. Therefore, though I am imperfect in my Kingdom citizenship, I choose to live by His decrees, not man's.

What about you?

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