Monday, October 22, 2012

R - Revere (Fork)

This post was originally not scheduled, but today we come to a fork. Of course, on a JOURNEY we often come to places that we call "forks in the road". While the technical term of excurses would likely be better, "fork" is more apt to be used by most, and thus, in the event that this blog comes to such a place, I will use fork. So, while this could, in some ways, be Revere, Part 2, I do not consider it necessarily to be a secondary part of the post on worship, but rather like chasing a rabbit for a minute. A part of this was covered in the first few posts of this blog, but it is pertinent here as well. The JOURNEY will be resumed with the letter N on Wednesday.

This weekend I saw a post on Facebook about heaven. It wasn't an inappropriate post, but in light of the purpose of this blog, I think it was shortsighted. Most people will respond yes if asked the question, "Would you like to go to heaven?" But why?

Frankly, I would be one who would answer the question in the affirmative as well. However, my goal is not to go to heaven. If it is, then I may be guilty of worshiping heaven, not God. My desire is to spend eternity with Jesus. Now I know Jesus is currently in heaven, but depending on how one views the events of the Second Coming, millenium, etc., there is a time He might not be in heaven. And as for the triune God, there was certainly a time that He existed apart from heaven (consider before Genesis 1.1). 

Revelation 21 says that a new heaven and earth will descend from heaven. Again, there are many understandings of this text, but regardless if my goal is to be in heaven, am I missing the bigger picture of being with God? Jesus clearly talked about the Kingdom of Heaven (throughout Matthew), and the prayer to have God's Kingdom come, means its relevance is now, not just after we die.

Am I making too fine a point? Maybe. But ask yourself, what is your picture of heaven? If our desire to be in heaven is for anything other than spending eternity serving, and lifting praise to, the Father, Son, and Spirit, then perhaps we seek (worship/revere) the wrong thing? Seeking first His Kingdom and His Righteousness will add ALL these things (Matthew 6.33). Contextually, all these things are food, clothing, etc, but it would certainly include heaven as well.

So "Like" heaven if you want. Comment or discuss heaven as a destination as you wish. However, our worship (reverence) should be only for God, not His Kingdom, nor heaven. Because God reigns in His Kingdom, we can experience God's Kingdom now, not just after we die in heaven.

What are you seeking (revering) today?

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