Monday, October 1, 2012


Several years ago I began blogging. Blogging was not quite in its infancy, but it was young. However, I was not ready for the responsibility at the time. Frankly, I do not know if I am fully ready for it now, yet I have been wrestling against the idea of starting this for awhile now, and realize I must. interesting word. Many people use the word to describe things they would like to happen. Others use it for ideas of preference. But must truly means obligated or necessary, as in we must eat, drink, and breathe to live. So, perhaps in that case, must may be a bit strong for me to say that I now realize I must blog.

However, I am being compelled to do so. Not by my wife, or family, or friends. But by God. Perhaps to some extent, as the apostle Paul wrote, that he was compelled to share the gospel (1 Corinthians 9.16). So, not a must, but a necessary.

Thus, this blog begins. But why must I? Perhaps over time that will become more evident to you, as the reader, and to me, as the writer. I do not suggest that I do not have ideas to share, but simultaneously many others have shared their thoughts and likely say it better. However, each Christian is called to make disciples. If my attempt at disciple-making is relegated to a blog only, then I have missed the calling God has place on me. Yet, perhaps, this exercise will make me a better steward of what God has given me, and help to encourage someone else along the way.

Thus, I must blog. It is necessary. I am compelled.

The intentions of this blog are to help us prepare to live in, not of, the world. The blog title, fotonni, is simply the words in not of turned around backwards. I first had the idea while reading Scripture back in 2004, and have done a little with it. Unfortunately, I have done little with it (just a camp, a few retreats, and some t-shirts.

I hope you find this blog helpful and will pass along the site. Our website is currently down as we seek to move it to a new host and revamp it a bit. While the blog will be updated a few times each week, I do plan to tweet some of these same principles as well. You can follow on twitter at @DisciplesJourny (twitter wouldn't allow for the “e”). I also have a personal twitter account @andybraams, where I will share more personal information, like in the moment happenings related to my activities, etc.

As I prepare to sign off from this welcome post, please understand I am not perfect. I understand that well. The ideas I share may be the ideal goal as espoused by Scripture, or they may discuss my shortcomings in relation to that ideal. Regardless, I want God's Word to speak through this site, any related tweets, etc. As such, my aim is to put forth the principles, and supplement with examples as necessary, not the other way around.

Finally, I do not intend for the posts to be much longer than this one (if even this long). I realize everyone is busy, myself included. As such, a few short posts each week are likely more welcome than a longer one. That is the intent of my approach.

As for discussion and feedback. The intention is to make that available as well. I do not suggest that everyone will agree with me, nor do I think you should. However, I do ask, that this being a blog about living in, not of, the world, that comments are respectful and civil towards everyone.

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